What you need to do before coming

  1. you must download and install Ableton Live 10 Suite Demo from this link before the class – it will take too long to download and install during the class
    – you will need to register your email address to use the Demo
  2. Please complete this short form so we can place you in the right group

What you need to bring

  1. Laptop, with Ableton Live 10 Suite Demo installed
  2. Laptop charger
  3. Headphones or earphones with enough bass (iPhone earbuds are usually not enough)
  4. Warm clothes or sweater in case the air-con is too cold
  5. Workshop fee
  6. Thumb drive in case you want to transfer files – wi-fi may not be strong at the venue

Additional Resources

  1. Click on this link to view additional examples of beats, bassline, melody etc
  2. If you want a refresher on concepts of making beats, basslines, and melodies, visit Ableton’s Learning Music tutorials
  3. Before Lesson 2, download these free loops for you to use in re-arrangement (download only the ones you want)
  4. Download this Live Pack for the lesson on Playing Live – 64 Pad Lab by Mad Zach