A Saturday Session during AY2018/19 Semester 2

EML sessions are every Saturday 10am in our studio.

Saturday sessions are electronic music production lessons encompassing topics such as mixing, using chords, controllers, making melodies, song arrangement etc.

To see what lessons there are for the year, you can check out our schedule.

Lessons are conducted until lunch time. Usually, members to have lunch together at YIH or UTown. After lunch, typically, members who have errands or school work leave for home, while the rest stay around in the studio to work on music or socialise.

EML sessions are usually not intensive as if like training sessions in sports clubs, or recitals in orchestras, or practice sessions in dance groups.

You are not required to know musical theory or have had any experience in musical instruments to go for sessions. Members are expected to be at least familiar with basic usage of Ableton Live 10, which is taught to them during the opening workshop at the start of the academic year.


Members start their electronic music production journey with EML via an Orientation Session and an Ableton Live Basic Workshop at the start of the academic year. The workshop fee for AY2018/19 is $50 and serves as a lifetime membership fee into the group.

Should you join the group in the middle of semester, if you go for enough sessions, you would have to pay the membership fee. It is highly recommended to join at the start of the academic year though. Do follow our social media on opportunities to join EML.

Membership to non-NUS students

NUS EML only provides Electronic Music lessons to NUS students. However you are welcome to visit our open activities like open workshops and performances. If you are a non-NUS student wanting to learn Electronic Music Production, our Principal Tutor Benjamin conduct lessons at Pop Studio DJ School.