Electronic Event by Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega (Tokyo)

Thank you to Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega (コバルト爆弾αΩ – kobaruto bakudan arufa omega), for your performance and workshop at NUS UTown on Fri 28/3! Here are photos (and video coming soon)

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Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omegaの二人の設立メンバーが彼に会うためここに来てくれて、ベンが主任講師をするElectronic Music Lab(NUSのベースに活動)でベンにコンタクトしてくれたの。一緒にNUSでイベントをオーガナイズして成功させたわ。そこで、Cobalt Bomb Alpha

New electronic music – show on Fri 21 Feb at UTown NUS

If you enjoy discovering new independent electronic musicians and their electronic music, join us on Friday 21 Feb 2014, 6,30 pm at UTown (National University of Singapore). 

The new members of EML will be playing their new original tracks, on keyboards, laptops, launchpads, controllers, and with vocal processing. Some are experimental electronica / glitch, some are EDM / trance / house, all are

Kithsa – live electronic music with Wii and Ableton Push at POP LAB

23 Nov 13 The Mill, Singapore – EML volunteer tutor Kithsa played a complex live electronic music set on Ninendo Wiimote and Ableton Push as part of the POP LAB workshop + live show collaboration between Pop Studios DJ School and Electronic Music Lab.

A crowd gathered at The Mill (Jalan Kilang in Bukit Merah) before the kick off of the Super Zero Season techno and house music festival, to

23 and 30 Nov: Live electronic music workshops and demo by EML at The Mill (Jalan Kilang)

Can electronic music ever look interesting in live shows,  or are  performers just checking email? 

Come to the POP LAB workshop / demos on 23 and 30 Nov (part of the Super Zero festival at The Mill, Jalan Kilang) and see for yourself!
23 Nov – EML presents Kithsa: Workshop and live performance with Ableton Live,  Push,  Max4Live and Nintendo Wii
30 Nov – Cosmic Armchair presents TV Mania

EML packs the house at Home Club for EP launch


Filling Home Club with a near-capacity crowd – that included new friends, new members, new contacts we made online, old friends and alumni from the early 2000’s back to the 1990’s – the new bands from the Electronic Music Lab collective proved that there can be a buzzing electronic music scene in Singapore.


Starting with experimental techno and breaks from nanowander,

6 Nov – EML invades Home Club with Android Calling

The long awaited EP from EML is launching at Home Club on Wed 6 November! 

Android, Calling is an uninhibited genre-bending night of audiovisual psychedelia including a live mish-mash of Drum’n’Bass, surreal trip-hop, chip-tune and orchestral electronic dance music performances lined up for you. 

Tickets can be bought on site or through any EML member for $15 (inclusive of first drink and EP

3 things we learned at the SGMUSO House Party

We had a good time at the SGMUSO House Party and we learned a few things too:

#1 Setting up for a live electronic music gig can be easy, if you do it right

Principal Tutor Ben combined education with performance, by turning the soundcheck for his band Cosmic Armchair into a real life EML lesson on how to setup for a live electronic music gig. He set up the full Cosmic Armchair live rig (Korg

16 resources for playing successful live gigs

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’ve collected some of the best articles I’ve read about playing successful live gigs – including how to market, setup, and what to do at and after the gig in order to get you future successful gigs. To find out more, come and watch Cosmic Armchair play a live electro pop gig near you – we’ll be happy to chat about what we’re doing.
Read and learn – and