How we remixed TV Mania (and won 2nd place in the Remix Competition)

[Posted by Ben / Cosmic Armchair – who is the Principal Tutor of EML] Some great news came by email – Cosmic Armchair won 2nd place in the international TV Mania Remix Competition! TV Mania is a global franchise created by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo of Duran Duran, and we had just recently become the franchisee for TV Mania Singapore. This gave us access to a tool kit with their TV Mania

New electronic music – show on Fri 21 Feb at UTown NUS

If you enjoy discovering new independent electronic musicians and their electronic music, join us on Friday 21 Feb 2014, 6,30 pm at UTown (National University of Singapore). 

The new members of EML will be playing their new original tracks, on keyboards, laptops, launchpads, controllers, and with vocal processing. Some are experimental electronica / glitch, some are EDM / trance / house, all are