Lesson 1 – Beat Making in Ableton Live 9

Our new members joined us at NUS Centre for the Arts Studios this morning to learn the art of Beat Making in Ableton Live 9.

Comment: "I used to just whack out stuff on my own and couldn’t get anything done, but in this session, we went through it step by step, and that is much easier"

Comment: "There are so many instruments and sounds for me to discover!"

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Welcome to EML (and more music to listen to)

Last night we welcomed a large group of interested people who might become new members of the Electronic Music Lab. They heard an introduction to EML and what they can do for EML, from President Chin Pin, Principal Tutor Ben, and Tutors Adrian and KK.

Tutors Adrian and KK

President Chin Pin introducing EML

Some were interested enough to try playing some electronic music on the various