Good legal sources of free samples and loops

For the next EML session we’ll be adding samples and loops into our tracks, so download the samples and loops that best suit your preferred music genre. This list will grow, we have barely scratched the surface.

Dance / EDM

429 free upfront house percussion samples | MusicRadar
721 free electro house samples | MusicRadar
338 free house samples | MusicRadar
293 free trance

How we remixed TV Mania (and won 2nd place in the Remix Competition)

[Posted by Ben / Cosmic Armchair – who is the Principal Tutor of EML] Some great news came by email – Cosmic Armchair won 2nd place in the international TV Mania Remix Competition! TV Mania is a global franchise created by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo of Duran Duran, and we had just recently become the franchisee for TV Mania Singapore. This gave us access to a tool kit with their TV Mania

EML alumni Cosmic Armchair and Jay Lim working on new EP

Jane (Cosmic Armchair) with vocal producer Jay and sound engineer Weiqi, at Glowsound Studios

EML is a great place to meet like minded musicians, and we’re always happy to see alumni of the Electronic Music Lab working together on projects, so this time it’s the combination of electro pop / synthpop duo Cosmic Armchair and vocal producer Jay Lim.

A selfie in the recording booth!


EML packs the house at Home Club for EP launch


Filling Home Club with a near-capacity crowd – that included new friends, new members, new contacts we made online, old friends and alumni from the early 2000’s back to the 1990’s – the new bands from the Electronic Music Lab collective proved that there can be a buzzing electronic music scene in Singapore.


Starting with experimental techno and breaks from nanowander,

Welcome to EML (and more music to listen to)

Last night we welcomed a large group of interested people who might become new members of the Electronic Music Lab. They heard an introduction to EML and what they can do for EML, from President Chin Pin, Principal Tutor Ben, and Tutors Adrian and KK.

Tutors Adrian and KK

President Chin Pin introducing EML

Some were interested enough to try playing some electronic music on the various