6 Nov- EML invades Home Club with Android Calling EP Launch

The long awaited EP from EML is launching at Home Club on Wed 6 November!
Android, Calling is an uninhibited genre-bending night of audiovisual psychedelia including a live mish-mash of Drum’n’Bass, surreal trip-hop, chip-tune and orchestral electronic dance music performances lined up for you.
Tickets can be bought on site or through any EML member for $15 (inclusive of first drink and EP download code) – email us if you want to reserve one at [email protected] or http://www.eml.org.sg/contact
Line-up from the EML collective

1) oon
oon is a musician with an interest in chiptunes and all things electronic. He enjoys feedback and interactivity in music and often uses a Korg PadKontrol for live performances. He enjoys the sounds of Aphex Twin, Ceephax Acid Crew and tPORt.
2) nanowander (https://soundcloud.com/nanowander)
nanowander is a Singapore based electronica project where it seeks to break the boundaries of the mainstream and the alternative scenes. With an unconventional style, nanowander seeks to engage in a different dimension.
3) SkySprinter (https://soundcloud.com/skysprinter)
A classically trained pianist and violinist. Mark SkySprinter was drawn to the diversity and versatility of electronic music. He dreams of traversing the skies of musical realms in the quest to produce his own unique sound.

4) Ocean’s Children (https://soundcloud.com/oceanschildren)
Ocean’s Children focuses on surreal alternative music and hopes to transport their listeners to realms beyond imagination. The band consists of lead vocalist Rachel, bassist Kester, multi instrumentalist Elias, guitarist Chin Pin and keyboardist Evelyn.

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