EML Concert: PERSONA (9 and 10 March)

09 & 10 Mar (Sat & Sun), $15
8pm, University Cultural Centre Dance Studio, NUS

Electronic Music Lab presents Persona, an enhanced audio-visual performance featuring 90 minutes of original electronic music by our composers. With sounds from the entire spectrum of electronic music (including synthpop, electrohouse, experimental and fusion genres). Listen to the previews at the EML Blog

Tickets available from SISTIC, or
email [email protected], or
fill in the Contact form


Faces, masks, identities ā€“ how many do we have, and how real is each one?

Persona is an enhanced audio-visual performance tracing the path of an android and her quest for the perfect persona. She escapes the laboratory where she was programmed to be the perfect alter-ego, and instead travels through the diverse landscape of electronic music ā€“ a rendered universe of constructed identities and originally composed music.

Developed by humans as part of a research project in the name of scientific recognition and reputation, it is symbolic of the struggles of the creator and the created over control.

Is the creation of a persona the answer or the problem? Is it the end or the beginning?


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