Live Pads Workshop

At the Live Pads Workshop you’ll learn basic to intermediate methods of performing electronic music ‘live’ using Launchpads and other MIDI Controllers.
This workshop is useful if you are interested in
– learning to play ‘live’ with a group
– learning to play your own compositions ‘live’ as solo artists

If you’ve already started playing ‘live’ with pads and controllers, you can learn additional tips and tricks to enhance your skills.
This 3 week workshop (20 Jan – 03 Feb) will cover
– Ableton Session Mode (in-depth)
– Making your own Racks for performance
– Making your own ‘Live’ Remix
You can bring your own pads/controllers, or borrow from the seniors

Please confirm if you’re coming so we have enough pads for all

Date/Time: Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm, 20 January to 3 February
Venue: Runme Shaw CFA Studios, NUS

1. Do I need to have my own pads/controllers?
You can bring your own pads/controllers, or borrow from the seniors

2. Do I need to know how to play a musical instrument?
Not necessary, but you must want to learn
3. Do I need to have previous experience?
Not necessary, we will teach you from basics
4. What if I already know how to play pads/controllers?
Come and meet the instructors and discuss new tips and tricks
5. What if I’m not studying at NUS?
You can still come for the workshop, you just need to pay the workshop fee.

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