An Exclusive Master Class for the NUS Electronic Music Lab

NUS Electronic Music Lab (EML) is very pleased to invite you to this exclusive Master Class on Electronic Music and Expressivity by international electronic musician Shueh-li Ong, based in Nashville TN (USA) but in Singapore for a limited period. Participants in the Master Class will learn real world electronic music performance concepts and techniques, as well as electronic music improvisation, from an experienced performer and music educator.

Dates: Saturday 10 February 2018, Saturday 24 February 2018
Times: 10 am to 1 pm
Venue: NUS CFA Studios (see map here)
Admission is FREE but please register here as we may change the venue based on number of participants

About the instructor: Shueh-Li Ong

A world renown exponent on the oldest electronic musical instrument; Shueh-li Ong has been crowned Queen of the theremin in Nashville TN, and Diva in Singapore. ThereminVox Italy said, “Shueh-li (is) an inspired artist with a solid background who has brought fresh ideas into the theremin field.”

Shueh-li works her extended synthesizer techniques alongside the theremin, earning her respect with both the Electro-acoustic and the ProgRock communities.

Shueh-li has released 4 albums to date, showing off her studio production talents on the aforementioned progrock platform, fusion, synth pop and other genres. Since her last album, she has added more such fresh ideas to her playing technique. A theremin-synth concerto is ready to record, and certain movements have made their way into her 2017 tour of USA.

Shueh-li’s proximity instruments were customized by Bob Moog producing a unique playing method. Her theremin performance appears on an indie Sci-fi film, and albums by several ProgRock artists.

Shueh-li gives lectures and masterclasses on electronic music pertaining to her practice.


Day 1 (Saturday 10 February 2018)

1.Contributions to the History of EM

2.Shueh-li’s work in the professional arena

  • Performance of a Shueh-li original theremin work.
  • History of EM and the design of the 1st electronic musical instrument.
  • Introduction of Shueh-li’s work as an EM recording artist/composer/producer/session-player.
  • Shueh-li will share her R&D in theremin techniques, her Bob Moog custom unit, and being accepted by the EM & ProgRock communities.
  • She will call on 1 or 2 students willing to play for critique.
  • Homework!

Day 2 (Saturday 24 February 2018)

1.Exposing extended synth techniques & expressive performance.

2.Masterclass – improv performance by students

  • Shueh-li original extended synth performance piece (synth and theremin).
  • What is extended synth techniques?
  • Using assignable controllers for Expressive Performance.
  • What does life performance mean to you?
  • Finale (homework) – Masterclass with critique/Q&A.