How we remixed TV Mania (and won 2nd place in the Remix Competition)

[Posted by Ben / Cosmic Armchair – who is the Principal Tutor of EML] Some great news came by email – Cosmic Armchair won 2nd place in the international TV Mania Remix Competition! TV Mania is a global franchise created by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo of Duran Duran, and we had just recently become the franchisee for TV Mania Singapore. This gave us access to a tool kit with their TV Mania

23 and 30 Nov: Live electronic music workshops and demo by EML at The Mill (Jalan Kilang)

Can electronic music ever look interesting in live shows,  or are  performers just checking email? 

Come to the POP LAB workshop / demos on 23 and 30 Nov (part of the Super Zero festival at The Mill, Jalan Kilang) and see for yourself!
23 Nov – EML presents Kithsa: Workshop and live performance with Ableton Live,  Push,  Max4Live and Nintendo Wii
30 Nov – Cosmic Armchair presents TV Mania

Something for everyone at EML

One of the good things about a collective like the Electronic Music Lab is that there’s something for everyone, no matter what level of skill you’re at or where you are on your musical journey. Even among new members, we have a range from beginners, to prolific producers like Mitch Advent, to experience DJ’s like Dr Foo.

Just last Saturday, we had different clusters of members working on

3 things we learned at the SGMUSO House Party

We had a good time at the SGMUSO House Party and we learned a few things too:

#1 Setting up for a live electronic music gig can be easy, if you do it right

Principal Tutor Ben combined education with performance, by turning the soundcheck for his band Cosmic Armchair into a real life EML lesson on how to setup for a live electronic music gig. He set up the full Cosmic Armchair live rig (Korg

Lesson – Making Electronic Music with Pads and Push

7 Sep 2013 – There was a time when electronic musicians could only press play on pre-programmed tracks, or were trapped behind their computers, looking like they were checking email. Thanks to the rise of pad controllers, Launchpads and now Ableton Push, those days are gone. EML members had to opportunity to see the Ableton Push live in action as ably demonstrated by our resident controller

16 resources for playing successful live gigs

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’ve collected some of the best articles I’ve read about playing successful live gigs – including how to market, setup, and what to do at and after the gig in order to get you future successful gigs. To find out more, come and watch Cosmic Armchair play a live electro pop gig near you – we’ll be happy to chat about what we’re doing.
Read and learn – and

Sun 22/9 POP LAB Workshops: DJ + Live Controllers

Date: Sunday 22 September 2013
Venue: The Vault, 237 S Bridge Rd (map
POP Studio and Electronic Music Lab present the POP LAB workshop series
As part of the Art Market at The Vault, POP Studio DJ instructors share the Art of DJ Mixing and EML live electronic musicians demo how launchpads and alternate live controllers can be used to perform electronic music live. Contact

Session 3/2013 Collaboration

More heads are better than one, and this applies to creating new electronic music too. Earlier today, our new members worked together in teams of 3 or 4 to create original new pieces of music, dividing up the tracks into beats, basslines, melodies and more. We’ll continue working on the tracks during the week and show the finished tracks next Saturday!
Quote: "It’s challenging working with others

Lesson 1 – Beat Making in Ableton Live 9

Our new members joined us at NUS Centre for the Arts Studios this morning to learn the art of Beat Making in Ableton Live 9.

Comment: "I used to just whack out stuff on my own and couldn’t get anything done, but in this session, we went through it step by step, and that is much easier"

Comment: "There are so many instruments and sounds for me to discover!"

Comment from an

Welcome to EML (and more music to listen to)

Last night we welcomed a large group of interested people who might become new members of the Electronic Music Lab. They heard an introduction to EML and what they can do for EML, from President Chin Pin, Principal Tutor Ben, and Tutors Adrian and KK.

Tutors Adrian and KK

President Chin Pin introducing EML

Some were interested enough to try playing some electronic music on the various