New Electronic Music Workshops for Jan 2015

Two full day intensive program for you to learn how to make clubbing beats and get that bass moving, then present them at our private event EML Plugin on Fri 13 Feb 2015.
This workshop series is also a free refresher for existing (paid up) members of the Electronic Music Lab – please register below.

Dates: Sat 17 Jan and 24 Jan 2015, 10am – 4.30pm
EML PLUGIN: Fri 13 Feb 2015, 7pm
Fee: $30 (no

See and hear new original electronic music work in progress at EML PLUGIN

Want to see and hear new original electronic music in progress, presented by the original composers? Save the date for EML PLUGIN – Friday 13 Feb 2015 at 7pm and enjoy the process together with our members new and old. Venue: Runme Shaw Studios, NUS Centre for the Arts, Singapore.

*TO REGISTER: RSVP TO EVENT AND EMAIL US AT [email protected] or Join at our Facebook Event Page

Why your one minute guitar riff isn’t building fans (the Roland Lim interview)

EML Alumnus, Marketing Advisor and Music Business Blogger, Emily Haw, recently interviewed music producer Roland Lim just before his 3-month NAC-sponsored trip to the UK.
NAC (National Arts Council) has been sponsoring participants on immersive learning trips at a mix of established UK youth arts organisations, so that they can return and contribute to the arts landscape. One beneficiary is

Electronic Event by Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega (Tokyo)

Thank you to Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omega (コバルト爆弾αΩ – kobaruto bakudan arufa omega), for your performance and workshop at NUS UTown on Fri 28/3! Here are photos (and video coming soon)

Photo Gallery by
Cobalt Bomb Alpha Omegaの二人の設立メンバーが彼に会うためここに来てくれて、ベンが主任講師をするElectronic Music Lab(NUSのベースに活動)でベンにコンタクトしてくれたの。一緒にNUSでイベントをオーガナイズして成功させたわ。そこで、Cobalt Bomb Alpha

7 steps to making your own EDM tracks and remixes

Want to learn how to make your own Electronic Dance Music tracks or remixes?
Whether you like Armin, or Hardwell, or Tiesto, or Skrillex, you can learn how to make your own EDM / Trance / Electro / House / Dubstep tracks in 7 steps.
For 7 Saturdays in April and May, come to School of Music and Art (Singapore) where Ben from EML / Cosmic Armchair is teaching the annual course Electronic Music