Spectrum: The first all-Singapore multi-genre electronic music festival

Featuring 15 acts in over 8 hours of live performances by local artists and bands
From light pop to dark grooves, the spectrum of original electronic music in Singapore has grown rapidly, including genres from House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, to Trance and more. For the first time ever at the University Cultural Centre (UCC), the NUS Electronic Music Lab (EML) with the support of NUS Centre For the Arts (CFA) is bringing Singapore-based electronic musicians and artists together in one event – the Spectrum Music Festival.
Held in two sessions over eight exciting hours, the festival is a comprehensive sampler for people who are new to electronic music, and an intensive masterclass for those who are already involved in the community.
Major local bands and artists featured include DISCO HUE, CANVAS CONVERSATIONS and MITCH ADVENT who have all performed at this year’s Baybeats. There is also OCEAN’S CHILDREN and FOREIGN AFFAIRS who performed at the Singapore Night Festival 2015 and BRANNLUM who was featured at the ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum 2015 in the Philippines.
Up and coming artists and groups will also have a voice at the Spectrum Music Festival, including members of the Music Lab, NARS.K, ROYLE, SKICE and THREE HUNTERS. The festival will also have special DJ appearances by NUS SynQ’s and SUTD Scratch’s playing sets composed entirely of regionally made originals and remixes.

“The genesis of the Spectrum Music Festival was the idea that we could have the breadth of Singapore’s electronic music scene in one room. NUS EML provides us with the support and creative drive to define our individual styles and develop as performers. SPECTRUM is a celebration of this growth, as well as a glimpse at the future of Singapore’s future in this style of music.” Mitch Advent, current President of EML

Tickets to Spectrum Music Festival are on sale now. Get in the know of what’s happening in the hot new Singapore electronic music scene!

Spectrum Music Festival

Saturday, 8 October 2016
SOLAR: 3.30pm – 7pm
LUNAR: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
University Cultural Centre Theatre, National University of Singapore



3.30pm – NUS SynQ (DJ)

4.00pm – Three Hunters

4.15pm – Foreign Affairs

4.45pm – Nars.K

5.00pm – BTCProx

5.30pm – Ocean’s Children

6.15pm – Canvas Conversations

6.45pm – Disco Hue


7.30pm – Thievves

7.45pm – Jeff Hue

8.00pm – Brannlum

8.45pm – Skice

9.15pm – Mitch Advent

10.00pm – Axiam

10.30pm – SUTD Scratch (DJ)


Solar Pass (3pm – 7pm): $18
Lunar Pass (7.30 – 10.30pm): $18
Discounts & Promotions
1) Eclipse Pass (both Solar and Lunar sessions): $28
2) Buy 3 Get 1 Free: Purchase 4 tickets for the price of 3
All tickets have to be purchased from a single session either from Solar or from Lunar session only



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