New electronic music at EML PlugIn

At our EML PLUGIN in February, our brand new Ableton Workshop participants previewed their WIPs (Work in Progress), and just hung out and shared electronic music together with our more experienced EML members. Jump to the end of this post to hear some of the new music.

Participants for the January 2016 Ableton Live Workshop came from all over campus and even beyond, and the most unique participant was Dr Pete Kellock, a veteran electronic musician who had been our tutor! He had decided to make the move from Logic to Ableton, and in the spirit of learning, chose to go back to school again! Very inspiring for EML students, to see that learning never stops, and making electronic music never stops either.

Just a few weeks after the workshop, participants and current EML members met at NUS CFA for a barbeque and EML PLUGIN session – our regular electronic music open mic where we present our new works and tracks that are work in progress. Everyone had a great time with the food, music and good company.


The best part of keeping in touch with this community is that we are constantly meeting new electronic musicians, and hearing the work of up and coming artists is inspiring and sparks off new ideas. If you’re interested in joining our group, drop us an email at [email protected]

Some of the music from PLUGIN

Link to Photo Album of the EML Ableton Workshop Jan 2016

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