EML at HEART OF CHRISTMAS (Pigeonhole) 15 Dec 2012

EML presents live trip hop and indie electronic bands Ocean’s Children and The DumbDumbs on Saturday night 15 December 2012 – the whole festival is from 15 to 16 December and promises to be an amazing experience. Please RSVP on the [Facebook Event Page]

“A cross-genre event that is more than a typical flea market setup, HEART OF CHRISTMAS is a special year-end festival that combines fashion, music and art in a venue well known for embracing local trends be it in music or art.”


Both a café and a bar and conveniently located in the Central Business District, The Pigeonhole attracts a diverse crowd that includes a younger yet more discerning crowd. With HEART OF CHRISTMAS, you will have an avenue to capture part of this demographic and turn them into future loyal customers, while also having the opportunity to present products to your current fan base in a fresh and creative way made possible with the space at Pigeonhole.


HEART OF GLASS returns to Pigeonhole for the 3rd time!
Brought to you by the tastemakers at Knight Runners, HEART OF GLASS is a unique event dedicated to take indie back to where it belongs. Unrestricted by stiff clubbing rules, it’s the place where almost anything goes. Swoon to the soundscapes of shoegaze & dream pop, pogo to the white boy funk of postpunk, krautrock, & grind along to the machines of industrial darkness. It’s gonna be a night of dancing to prepare you for future daze.
http://knightrunners.net/ and https://www.facebook.com/knightrunners?ref=hl


Breaks, beats, trance, house, techno, electro, dubstep, trip hop, ambient, avant garde, 8-bit chiptune and vocaloids all live in harmony in a hidden underground bunker at the NUS Centre for the Arts called the Electronic Music Lab (EML). This all-electronic collective includes artists and groups playing and releasing all-new original electronic music in all genres. Sometimes raw, always original, EML brings you undiscovered talent that will surprise you.



The Original Music Society (OMS) is a society from NUS that is made up of musicians, photographers and writers, who promote local and original music. Started in 1995 by a bunch of restless musicians, OMS has been shaped by the influences and aspirations of their members. The society has played a crucial role in the promotion of local music by organising events and writing about the local music scene on their site omspress.com. Their members come from extremely diverse musical backgrounds, and they welcome everyone with a passion for music.



Synq is a collective of funky-fresh music makers, mixers and shakers, spewing crazy blends of rhythm through our pores. House, techno, hip hop, indie, dubstep, experimental whatever! Based in Singapore, we take our sound to sound systems here and all around the world. 
We spin. We party! We jam. We’re from everywhere but we’re based in Singapore. synQ is pronounced as sync.


Paul Pereira is an investigator into the occult strands of music, art and writing. He’s been a tarot reader & healer for five years and has a special affinity with other alien beings involved with Knight Runners. Sometimes he produces music and dj’s. Most of the time though, he’s on another planet.
www.ipaulpereira.com and www.facebook.com/aftervolter


OUTEREDIT is a Singapore-based online T-shirt store that works with the world’s top creative people to make artwork through a fresh online & real-time, 5-way collaborative format called the ‘O/E Collab’. Sometimes killer and other times quirky, OuterEdit hopes to evoke and celebrate unique stories one O/E Collab Tee at a time.


We are PEONFX- People On Fixed. pedal power movement, Independent clothing co. that support urban cyclist. We will provide you our frequent rants online,bicycle event/rides, our clotheswear for sale, with tips, reviews and also DIY projects that you can do on boring sunday. We started out in 2009, making cycling inspired clothing, bags and accessories. Its not just a about riding bikes, its more a lifestyle direction that we are heading on now.

http://shop.peonfx.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/PEONFX

Day 1

Clothes Vendors
Live acts
Acoustic acts
Electronic Music Lab (EML/NUS)
Heart Of Glass DJs
Sean Alex + A:SHE
After party

Day 2 

Clothes Vendors
Original Music (OMS)
Benjahman b2b Mae-be

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