EML vs Ethnic Dance vs Hip Hop = IN.EVOLVE

EML performed this cross-cultural dance collaboration at the Arts Awards 2012, NUS Centre for the Arts, University Cultural Centre (UCC) Theatre. The piece was first performed at the 10th ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum at University Brunei Darussalam in October 2012. Find out more about the Electronic Music Lab at www.eml.org.sg and see the photo album here.

“This dance-electronic music collaboration draws inspiration from the intricacies, complexities and beauty of living in the urban landscape of culturally diverse city, Singapore. It reflects the ongoing process to resolve the contradictions of owning a cultural heritage which is familiar yet distant. Through synthesis of the elements of sound and movement, we express the hope that the journey forward is to a place where one can finally find acceptance, understanding, and the ability to live as one despite our differences.”

Musicians: Tan Li Shi (NUS Chinese Orchestra) Mark Seow (NUS EML) Kester Tan (NUS EML) Dancers: Nah Jiemin (NUS Chinese Dance) Jocelyn Loong (NUS Dance Blast!) Sharon Lim (NUS Dance Ensemble) Jeryl Lee (NUS Dance Synergy) Teo Min Hui (NUS Dance Synergy) Nurul Aqilah bte Mohd Zain (NUS Ilsa Tari) V Swarna Ramya (NUS Indian Dance)

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