NUS EML (Electronic Music Lab) is a member Performing Arts group of the NUS Centre For the Arts.

EML members compose, produce and perform original electronic music.

Our electronic music production journey is guided by our principal tutor, a certified Ableton trainer. Help and collaboration is also always available by senior, alumni and fellow members.

The musical output of EML is dependent on its members; its Artists. Collectively, EML’s musical output spans a diverse range of genres, including experimental electroacoustic music, ambient, 8-bit chiptune, trance, dubstep, house, hip hop, indie electronica, EDM, breaks and more.

Members of EML regularly perform at public events and venues. Some events and venues include: Hong Kong City Festival; Esplanade: Theatres on the Bay; The Hive and Persona multimedia concerts at NUS University Cultural Centre; ROJAK, a soundscape installation at NUS Museum; Android, Calling EP Launch at Home Club; POP LAB performance and workshop at The Vault; and live performances at The Super Zero Party Series. EML have also started exploring collaborations with other performing arts groups such as NUS Stage and NUS Dance Synergy.

Though formally a performing arts group, EML is also a community passionate for electronic music, and also for local culture and the arts.

If you want to find out about our upcoming events and workshops, email us at [email protected]